December 30, 2022Health

#69: My #1 Goal for 2023

As we close the book of 2022, I want to share my number one goal for 2023.

And that is to be healthy.

Throughout the year of 2022, I've caught the flu almost every month. I've been anxious more than ever, I failed to rebuild my emergency fund, I sucked at nurturing friendships and relationships and hurt the people I love, I was one foot in and one foot out with my passion projects, and I didn't focus on cultivating godliness and serving God well as much I've focused on my selfish ambitions.

I failed a lot in 2022—but that means I also learned a lot.

So in 2023, I want to put the lessons I've learned to good use. I want to focus on nourishing my health. That means taking care of my...

  1. Physical health. I will be intentional with the food and drinks I put in my body, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep every night.
  2. Mental health (which includes my emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social health). Instead of engaging with unhealthy coping mechanisms to numb and escape my feelings, I will be brave enough to express myself in healthier ways. I will put God first, love others better, and challenge myself to grow into the woman I can be proud of.
  3. Financial health. This is a tough one, which is why I've avoided doing anything about it for years. But it's time to grow up and be more responsible with how I spend, save, and invest my resources.

I know lists for New Year's resolution rarely last beyond the first quarter—let alone the month of January—so I'm treating this list as a promise instead.

A promise to myself that I will work hard to keep (if your tendency is also that of a Questioner, you get why this holds so much weight).

How about you? What's your goal for 2023?

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