January 30, 2023Creative Living

#100: Hooray for My First 100 Atomic Essays

I've set the goal to ship 30 atomic essays again in 30 days after accomplishing it once in 2021.

Here were my feeble attempts:

And today, I'm on my longest writing (and publishing) streak yet: 100 Days! 🎉

While my writing hasn't been perfect or as on-point as I'd want it to be (some of my posts are only 1 to 3 sentences long!), hitting this milestone taught me a valuable lesson to help me keep improving as a writer: Growth comes when you show up.

We don't get better at our craft overnight. It takes days, weeks, and even months before we can see real progress.

We have to be patient with ourselves and our progress.

If I would revisit some of my old posts, I'm 100% sure I'll find some typos, poor word choices, or paragraphs recklessly stitched together that they barely make sense. But that's the thing, our flawed pieces make way for lasting legacies of meaningful work if we keep at it.

And the fact that I was able to show up for 100 days straight is a small win—the first steps of many that I'll take to hone my writing skills and get better and better. Maybe in the next 200 posts, we'll see substantial improvements!

• • •

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